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Essay on Ethics and Morals

Morality has nosedived in modern times with people cheating each other in professional and personal lives. In addition, people tend to become more intrusive about others resulting in over interference. It is important to follow certain rules that would help you to live a peaceful life.

Noninterference: One of the most important aspects of the moral life is not to interfere in the affairs of the others. God has created different individuals and no two people are the same. Therefore being judgmental and poking the nose into the affairs of others should be avoided to a great extent.

Forgive and be compassionate: One of the most important aspects of leading a life of morality is not to hurt the feeling of others. It is vital t o have compassion towards the poor and their good being. Forgiving people of their wrongdoings is a wonderful quality that can help you to make many friends. If you are nurturing grievances, it can result in lots of problems in the form of physical and mental health. A person may undergo huge trauma that might not only affect the personal but also professional life.

Do not yearn for recognition: The majority of people crave for recognition from their fellow beings. Hence, they resort to unethical practices to accomplish the task. It is a fatal mistake that should be avoided at all cost. In order to get noticed, people want to grab the power however when they are powerless others forget about their deeds. Therefore, working quietly towards the betterment of life should be the primary goal rather than suppressing people and becoming selfish.

Jealousy is the mother of all tensions: Jealousy with others can prove to be a disaster for the life of an individual. How many times have we heard the criminal stories when the murders took place out of sheer prejudice and jealousy? Rather than getting jealous, you should focus on making yourself better in the professional world. It is important not to be too materialistic in order to avoid the feeling of jealousy. Cooperation rather than conflict is the key to achieving the goals of life.

Change: You should change yourself and become more adaptable to the surrounding environment. In other words, survival skills play a very important role in removing the adversities in life. Changing people according to the requirements can lead to conflict and become a source of tension over a period of time. One should not fall prey to such vices in order to leave a peaceful and tension free life.

Do not fall prey to corruption: It is vital, to be honest in the day to today life. Corruption in financial dealings raises a huge question on the morality of the individuals; therefore one should be very clear and transparent as far as decision making is concerned.
The high moral character of the people ensures that they can survive even in adverse circumstances. Even under huge pressure, they do not budge from the path of righteousness and correctness. It is an important virtue that has to be cherished in life.