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Essay on autism awareness


Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a neurodevelopment disorder with a range of different sub types. Autism is most commonly associated with impairment of social behavior as well as characteristics of an individual. Other common traits of Autism involve communicational difficulties as well as restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior. The effect of Autism varies in different individuals and not all people suffering from this neurodevelopment disorder experience the same level of difficulties in speech as well as other behavioral traits. The entire topic of autism is often considered to be stereotypical; but the truth is that autism is equally common across people belonging to all ethnicities, races and religious beliefs.

autism awareness essay

Common signs of Autism:

The first and foremost sign of autism is impaired social interaction. In fact, the children born with this disorder, starts showing the signs from the very first day. Children born with autism will be unresponsive to people and they focus continuously on any particular item for a very long time, while being unresponsive to all noises and other physical activities altogether. On the other hand, autistic children also develop as normally as other kids but start becoming recluse and indifferent from all kinds of social engagement gradually.

Another common sign noticed in autistic children is their unresponsive behavior when someone calls their name as well as their difficulty and consciousness in making eye- contact with people. This may include people from their own family as well. As a result of their inability to understand social behavior and cues, they are often unable to interpret what others are saying as well as what others are expecting them to do. They also face difficulty in recognizing tone of voices as well as facial expressions; hence making it more difficult for them to strike normal conversations with people.

Repetitive movements, stacking of objects, repetitive rocking and twirling, etc. are also considered to be common signs of autism. Often, these kids also engage in head- banging and other kinds of self- destructive behavior due to lack of behavioral skills with others as well as with themselves. Autistic children also tend to speak a lot later as compared to kids who do not suffer from any such disorder. These kids do not understand bonds easily and are often not able to bond as well as play with other kids of the same age group.

Autistic children also tend to speak about certain topics only, regardless of the fact if it is of any interest or regard to the person they are talking to.

Diagnosis of Autism:

  1. No speech by age 1
  2. Loss of social skills and language
  3. Poor eye contact
  4. No responsive smiling expressions
  5. No response to name
  6. Excessive stacking/ lining up of toys and other objects
  7. Inability to make friends
  8. Unusual/ repetitive use of language
  9. Unusual routines and interests

Can Autism be treated?

There is no cure for autism; but there are several behavioral treatments and therapies which can help in reducing its effects to some extent. Substantial improvement is seen in people who are made part of these therapies starting from a very early age.

Family counseling of parents as well as siblings is also very crucial. It helps them in coping up with the needs and challenges of living with an autistic child in their house.

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  1. Pamil says:

    I have an autistic child. Thanks for sharing this information to raise awareness on the Autism. We are learning how to raise the autistic kid and treating him just like that.

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