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Essay on Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton is running for the presidential election in the year 2016. She is a democrat candidate and a very strong contender for the post. Hillary was born in the year 1947 in Chicago city located in the state of Illinois. During her school days, she was an avid sports person who won numerous awards. Later on, Hillary went to Wellesley College to complete her graduation in the Political science field. Later on, she joined the Yale University of Law in 1973 for research. After migrating to Arkansas in 1975, Hillary got married to Bill Clinton.

Professional life: She became the first women partner of the Rose law firm in the year 1978. While serving the Arkansas state as the first Lady, she helped in reforming the public schools and became one of the boards of directors of the Wal-Mart Corporation. Clinton had the distinction of becoming the first female senator getting elected from the City Of New York.
She came into the media limelight when Bill Clinton fought for presidential elections in the year 1992. Prior to the launching of the campaign, news about the extramarital affairs of Bill started appearing on the Television and print medium. As a wife, Hillary was unfazed and supported her husband with grace as well as elegance. It proved to be a turning point as Mr. Clinton became the president of the United States.
Hillary was the first lady to have her own office in the western wing of the white house apart from the eastern one. She played an active role in formulating the public policy of the country however not many people were fond of her interfering in the state affairs.
Bill Clinton entrusted the task of forming the policy on the national health care reforms to Hillary. Instead of the free trade agreement, she made the reforms a top priority but the plan didn’t find approval from both houses of the Congress resulting in a drop in the popularity of the first lady over a period of time.
During Bill’s tenure as the President, Hillary had to endure inquiries in the whitewater investigations. Allegations were leveled against her that she subsidized the losses of the company through the revenues of the Rose Law firm.
Mrs. Clinton went through tiring times when Monica Lewinsky scandal unraveled the impeachment of the president seemed eminent. Although she maintained poise, people admonished her for being in a failed marriage.
During the presidentship of Barack Obama, Hillary was appointed as the secretary of the state in the year 2008. She played an important role in enhancing the foreign policy of the country and tried to repair the damage caused by the policies of George Bush.
In the present scenario, she is the favorite to win the presidential election as Hillary is ahead of trump as far as popularity is concerned. Instead of rhetoric, the ex-First lady believes in doing the ground work and devote special attention to the welfare of minorities.