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Essay on fuel efficient cars

I believe most people here today own a car since it is the most convenient way to travel around. Nevertheless, it is not that the cost of the car that is concerning a lot of people but the gas used to power the car. Not only is the price of gas high, combustion of the fuel releases extremely high amounts of carbon emissions which directly contribute to increased global warming. During this hard economic times when families are faced with the threat of foreclosures, businesses trying to stay afloat and the government struggling to avoid plunging into an economic crisis, it is important that we cut on our spending. One such way of saving some extra cash is through buying cars that are less thirsty on the pump therefore today, I am going to urge you to buy fuel efficient cars.

essay on fuel efficient cars

Fuel efficient cars are a mix between electric cars and hybrid cars which means that the amount of gasoline combusted is reduced since they are powered on a combination of both electric and gasoline motors. These fuel efficient cars are therefore of great importance since their efficiencies leads to a reduction in the amount of gas utilized which further translates to reduced cost of gas. On a long-term, it is also beneficial because the maintenance cost and state or federal charges remain the same while the license and company tax go down, providing consumers with incentive to drive fuel efficient cars. Both of these taxes are based on the amount of carbon dioxide emissions released by the vehicle. The government set a law that all fuel efficient cars including hybrids and electric cars would get up to eight thousand dollars of tax credit cut to owners of fuel efficient cars in America.  

Fuel efficient cars save you money in the long run over the life of the vehicle. This extra money can obviously be put into better use in other areas such as paying for the mortgage, college funds, bank credits, buying stocks and other forms of investment.

            Global warming is a real challenging problem in the world today as it not only has an impact on the world economies; it directly threats the existence of earth’s inhabitants. Global warming leads to longer and extreme heat waves and storms thereby threatening ecosystems as we continue to witness. It is therefore our duty as the inhabitants to prevent further damage and start to repair the damaging effects it has posed on the world. Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions is one such way of combating this problem. Driving a fuel efficient car means that there is either reduced carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere or no emissions at all. Carbon dioxide is the gas that traps heat from leaving the atmosphere and is the major cause of the greenhouse effect which puts the world at risk of rise of global temperatures. Currently, technology is available for the manufacture of fuel efficient cars with high performance but low on consumption of gas. Newton calls on you to buy fuel efficient cars and do your part in preventing global warming.

It is accurate to say that the car will not seize to be the most used and preferred mode of traveling around neither will people stop buying cars anytime soon. However, buying fuel efficient cars is beneficial as it not only saves you money, it is also has a positive impact on global warming. If we are willing to change and start buying fuel efficient cars, we will be having more money in our pockets while at the same time we will experience a large global impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Now is the time for change, now is the time to walk into a car dealer’s shop and drive out with a better fuel efficient car.

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