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Essay on Donald trump

Donald Trump is the presidential candidate for USA in 2016. Let’s take a look at his educational, business and political life in this essay.

Educational life: Donald Trump is a multi-faceted personality with interest in business and entertainment industry of the US. Born in 1946 to one of the biggest real estate businessmen in the New York City Frank Trump, Donald attended Fordham University however later on he got enrolled into the Wharton School of business to learn real estate management. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in the economic stream from the university. It proved to be a boon for him as Donald played an important role in transforming the business of his father into a major trump empire.

Business fortunes: Donald Trump tried his hand in the entertainment business in the early 70s by hosting the broadway show however he lost 70,000$ in the whole venture. Later on, he joined father’s business in real estate and build 1200 units of houses that were rented off resulting in profits worth millions of dollars.
In the year 1971, Trump moved to Manhattan and started designing buildings with attractive architecture to capture the attention of the people. His first brush with the law occurred in the year 1973 when he was found guilty of violating the housing regulations by the Justice department. Trump offered out of court settlement but didn’t accept the guilt. He is credited with building not only the Grand Hyatt hotel but also TajMahal Casino located in the Atlantic City in New Jersey. According to the claims by Trump, the total revenue of his group is in the vicinity of 611 million dollars.

Political career: Nobody predicted the rise of Donald Trump in politics because he was considered only as a business man by the people. In the year 2015, he decided to join the presidential race by focusing on some of the pet issues that are quite popular among the common people. At present he is campaigning on illegal immigration and the flight of jobs from the US. In addition, Trump has promised the general population that he would lower the national debt and make sure that the manufacturing jobs gone to china duly return to the US.
Initially, Republican Party was skeptical about his nomination however as the campaign proceeded he overpowered his rivals in terms of popularity. One of the main advantages of Trump is that he has self-financed the campaign without any dependence on the big business houses.
In his speech, he has promised the Christian population to rationalize the tax structure and help them to enhance their value in the present political environment. In the election primaries, 16 republican candidates competed, however, the primary focus was on Ted Cruz and Trump. The latter defeated the former comfortably in order to pose a direct challenge to Hillary Clinton who is the Democrat candidate and wife of Bill Clinton. The presidential election of 2016 is going to be a race to the finish as Trump is riding high on the popularity wave. As far as social issues are concerned, he is against the Gun control laws and is an ardent supporter of making the medical marijuana legal in the US.