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Difference between technology and engineering

The majority of people use the words technology and engineering interchangeably without realizing the exact difference. In fact, both terms pertain to the same domain however latter is a particular field of study while technology is an application derived from engineering and science to solve the problems of the real world. Engineering is also considered as a design procedure to combine the knowledge in producing innovative stuff. Let’s dive deep and find out the exact difference by analyzing few examples.

Difference between technology and engineering

Construction of rain garden:

Builder looking to construct the rain garden for providing water to the soil from the roof will contact the engineer to devise the system that would help to accomplish the task. The professional would incorporate different parameters such as the total quantity of the rainwater collected on the roof and the water absorption capacity of the soil. The system is designed and implemented by the technologist by availing the services of the gardeners, landscapers and paving installers. In order to make the working model of the design, prefabricated drainage components are used for seamless flow of water into the soil.

Electrical system:

Talking about the electrical system of the building, it is designed by electrical engineer depending on the availability of the voltage, the capacity of the wires along with the topography of the circuits. In order to save energy, even solar panel design is also included in the eclectic mix by the engineer. Technologist would wire up the whole building based on the designs of the engineer. Technicians play an important role in creating wires along with pipes and circuit breakers.

Technologist Vs engineer:

The question about technologist and engineer often boils down to a single statement, who is better? The answer lies in the above-mentioned examples. Both are necessary for a project because the latter conceptualizes the system while the former provides it physical shape and capability. Generally, technologists work with materials, perform tests and collect data. They complement each other to execute the project successfully.

Benefits of technology:

Technology has changed the lives of people in real world. Application of knowledge led to the birth of internet which proved to be a boon for the small enterprises. They are able to advertise their products and services on a low budget and compete with big companies. Advancement in technology has helped to optimize the expenditure and boost productivity. It has also allowed speeding up the business processes and sharing information quickly as compared to the past.

Benefits of engineering:

Engineering is the base on which the technology citadel is developed. It has helped people to come up with new ideas in order to solve problems of the real world. By using different criteria, the system is designed, tested and perfected before it can be called reliable. Engineering introduces the initial fillip or the framework that acts as a template for the technologist to build a reliable solution.

A classic example is the information technology industry that has deployed the concepts of Computer Engineering to create a system for every industrial domain.

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