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Should capital punishment be abolished?

The rate of crime against women and children has been increasing at a brisk pace especially in the societies that are transitioning from developing to the developed stage. Capital punishment in the country acts as a deterrent for the criminals or else they are tempted to commit the heinous acts. Some people are of the view that it should be abolished however in the real world is it possible? Let’s Find out:

Pros of capital punishment:

Strong deterrent: Capital punishment is like a huge weapon against the people who are driven to crime out of anger and desperation. According to the experts, people are not ready to face the electric chair and are deterred to a great extent. As a result, the crime rate also goes down. Public execution sends fear into the heart of the people watching the whole process and prevents them from committing the crime.

A must for repeat offenders: People who have the nagging habit of committing a crime on a regular basis should be awarded capital punishment to apply a full stop to their deadly habit of causing problems to the society. Criminals involved in heinous acts need to be hanged or else they end up wasting taxpayers’ money.

Crime rate is reduced: Since the chances of the capital punishment are very high, people do not dare to murder or rob others. They do not want to end up in the gallows after being convicted by the court. Individuals involved in drug trade and destroying the lives of others are delivered the capital punishment. In countries where it is operational, the rate of crime is quite low.

Humane Punishment: Rather than executing people through primitive means, lethal injection is administered to the criminals so that they can die peacefully without pain. It is a humane method of giving punishment.

Cons of capital punishment:

Not a deterrent to crime: Criminals are not affected by the presence of capital punishment because some of them suffer from mental illness and even the fear of death penalty may fail to deter them. Only a doctor and proper medication can prevent them from committing crimes.

Punishment to the wrong person: Legal systems are full of flaws resulting in the conviction of wrong people. If the person is awarded capital punishment in spite of not doing the crime, it can prove to be the travesty of justice. As a result, many people can be put to death without being guilty.

Government expenditure: According to the experts, state executions are costly affairs because the drugs used in lethal injections are expensive. In order to judge the efficacy of death penalty, one should try to evaluate the total cost of housing the criminal in prison.

Depression: When the person knows that he or she is about to be executed, the likelihood of falling into a state of depression is quite high. It can also result in the appearance of the guilt feeling as the day of execution draws near. Some people involved in execution end up taking their own lives or turn to drugs and alcohol.

Conclusion: As cruel as it may sound, capital punishment can’t be abolished from the law. However, this should be only used in rare cases, in which judicial court needs to set an example to the society. What are your thoughts on this topic? Share it with us in the comment section below.