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Brain Drain in India: A Poignant Problem

Brain Drain refers to the steady emigration of highly qualified and trained people from their country to an advanced one, in search of lucrative job opportunities and promising lifestyles. For a developing country like India, it poses a serious problem since the talents that could be employed in finding out feasible solutions of several glaring problems in the fields of science and technology, are unfortunately dedicated to the betterment of some other nation. Hence, the government needs to find effective ways to stop this “Human capital fight”.

Brain Drain in India

History of the Term “Brain Drain”

The term originated when many British scientists and intellectuals emigrated from the war affected Europe to the U.S for better working conditions post-World War II.


Growing Unemployment and Underemployment

A survey claims that amidst 100,000 Indian candidates, there is job scope for only 3.4%; a figure that pertinently indicates how a vast majority of talented youths are simply left without proper means. Moreover, it is commonly found that even those employed are not satisfied with either the job stand or salary. This explains why a vast number of educated Indians never think twice about leaving their country when they receive tempting job options abroad.

Lack of Research Facilities

The absence of research facilities is another area that turns young enthusiasts dispirited. Many times, they are not provided adequate equipment to execute research-based works.

Hostile Working Environment

When experienced individuals from abroad are offered superior posts with better pay packages, it unavoidably triggers jealousy and contempt among local employees. These discontented groups contrive to make working conditions unbearable for the privileged ones, making the latter want to stay abroad.


Loss of Key Skilled Professionals

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, an alarming number of talented Indians migrated to U.S.A and Europe to look for tempting job prospects. In America, 25% of doctors, engineers, and technical personnel are Indians. Imagine the revolutionary ways by which they could have helped in eradicating our country’s numerous issues, had they stayed back in our country.

Marked Reduction in Improvement

India has been struggling with several serious problems like poverty and poor health post-independence. Added to this, a significant depletion of dynamic individuals from different spheres, such as health, engineering, and education has repeatedly erected imposing hurdles and lessened the pace of progress that could have been otherwise achieved.

High Economic Loss

According to a report, about 35% of engineers that graduate from the IITs leave India soon after receiving their degrees. Now, the considerable amount that the government invests in their training and education also comes to no avail, since there is hardly any possibility of money renewal.


Proper Governance

Adequate grounds must be provided to students and professionals, keen on research so that they can carry on their experiments unhesitatingly. The human resource department must put in more stress to create suitable mechanisms like, introducing pilot projects or making administrative procedures more flexible, to give them the necessary impetus to proceed further. Salaries should also be given according to individual merit and experience.

Efficient Planning

Systematic plans should be made regarding our country’s financial requirements and accordingly, fields that help in boosting economy must be emphasized. Streams like biotechnology and microelectronics that can aid in a country’s economic growth must be introduced in universities at a larger scale such that students may pursue them with ease. After that, relevant job opportunities must be furnished to keep the talent pool within the country.

Promote Reverse Brain Drain

Reverse brain drain occurs when intellectuals migrate to developed countries to learn its technologies or to get working experience and then return back to their country so that they can serve in a better way. It is thus, a gain for our country.  Hence, students should be made aware of our country’s needs and encouraged to explore such possibilities by which they would gain knowledge to carry our nation ahead.

How does it feel when you hear that someone’s child has left his family and is now looking after someone else’s home? Miserable? The same adjective is perhaps applicable when one seeks to describe the predicament of our country due to brain drain. Hence, immediate steps must be taken to ensure that each and every accomplished Indian feels proud to stay and work in his country.