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Essay on Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the 44th president of USA. This essay focuses on Barack Obama’s childhood, education and political life.

Family life: Touted as the First African American President of United States, Barack Obama has taken the world by storm. He was born in the state of Hawaii and completed his education at the Columbia University. Obama’s mother had English heritage however his father was a Kenyan who had arrived from Africa to study in the US on scholarship. Parents divorced in the year 1964 and his mother got married to an Indonesian student. For some time, Barack lived in Jakarta but later on moved to the US to live with his maternal grandparents.

Education: He attended Columbia university to complete graduation but later on got transferred to New York and became a political science professional. During his college days, Obama called for Disinvestment in South Africa because of the policy of apartheid followed by the country. After graduation, he gained experience by working for Business International Corporation in the year 1983.
Later on, Obama became the Director of the developing community’s project. He played an important part in highlighting the social problems affecting the society. For instance, Barack launched a campaign to attract the attention of the government towards the sad state of the New York subways. The signature campaign was signed by numerous people during the 80s.
Later on, he obtained Juris Doctor Degree from the Harvard University and became the visiting faculty at the University of Chicago.

Political Career: Barack’s political career got a huge fillip when he was elected the Illinois state senator in the year 1997. He played a very important role in providing tax rebates to the low-income group in the state and also took care of the welfare reforms. During his tenure from 1997 to 2004, the subsidies on the child care increased substantially.
The high point in his career was the presidential race of 2008 when Obama declared his intention of contesting the presidential elections in the city of Springfield, Illinois. He had to contest with Hillary in the democratic primaries but slow Obama surged ahead to win the nomination from the Democrats. It is said that during the general election, he garnered record funding thereby upstaging the nearest rival McCain.
One of the biggest achievements of Obama was to end Iraq war that had created a huge mess for the US during the Bush years. In addition, he followed the surge policy in Afghanistan but it backfired as Taliban is still quite powerful in the country.
Obama has served 2 terms as president of US and played an important role in formulating the domestic policies of the country. He has laid stress on the principal of innovation in the field of education to improve the human resources.
During his tenure recession hit the nation; therefore, he financed the stimulus package of more than 700 billion dollars to enhance the private investments, thereby resolving the bankruptcy situation faced by major companies. As far as environmental policies are concerned, Barack Obama is trying to formulate new laws that would help to control the emission of industries.