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Essay on the American Conservative Revolution

The “Conservative Revolution” marked a key part in American history during the periods 1980s and 1990s, though; organized conservative movement has played a major role in the American culture and politics since the 1950s. The main identity of the American conservatism was the respect of tradition, the rule of law, support for republicanism, and the Christian religion, as well as, the justification of western civilization from the challenges of totalitarian regimes and modernist culture.  The American conservative culture has been marked by competing ideologies such as favoring low taxes, limited regulation, small government, and free enterprise.

The Goals of the “Conservative Revolution”

The main goals of the “Conservative Revolution” are to have a centralized government that protects the citizens’ lives, property, and liberty. They believe that all other doings of the government tend to hamper progress and weaken freedom, and therefore, the overriding social feature for this century is to fight relentlessly to see the growth of the government in this era of social conflict. The other goal of the conservative movement is to have a government that protects the citizens from the conflict between the disciples of truth who justify the organic moral order, and the social engineers who are out to fiddle with mankind to conform to scientific utopias.

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Religious Ideology and Modern Conservatism

The religious conservatives in America mainly seek to apply edifies of particular religions to politics, and incorporates the progressive policies into the conservative ideologies. They proclaim the values and ideologies of these teachings, which have at certain times, have influenced laws. The modern conservative movement is mainly filled with people of faith from Catholics, Christians, and evangelicals who embrace the core aspects of conservatism such as financial discipline, limited government, strong national defense, traditional family values, and free enterprise. Most conservatives apply faith as the guiding principle, and that the constitution should protect the citizens of religion rather than freedom from religion.


America was founded on the ideology that the government should play very diminished role in the affairs of the economy and  society, and should only provide direction by simply maintain a clean environment, where the public do as they choose, so long as they do not infringe on other people’s rights. The common criticism of the left’s magical view is the failure for the liberal to recognize that the constraint of the government is the progressive decisions. Liberal theorists disagree with the philosophical communitarians with numerous criticisms to make against the liberals, who tend to neglect the values of the community.