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Essay on daycare centre

A summary of my visit to daycare centers

1. Ways in which the centre provide quality child care.

On visiting the day care centers, I found different ways that they provide quality child care. The care givers appeared to be very warm, friendly, calm, respectful and gentle. The way they talked to the children was very appropriate and they constantly helped them solve their problems. They encouraged good habits and help the children acquire new skills through different ways as they even encourage them. This applied to children of all ages. The centers are licensed by health department and the staffs are certified in CPR and first aid. In general health and safety issues are all catered for all children. The centre environment is the most appropriate for all children as it is clean spacious, well ventilated and lit and the children receive proper attention from their care givers. They provide adequate and relevant activities to all children of different ages depending on the age of a child that will help in the development of such children. The centre provides the best guidance to the children and they discipline them accordingly. They have set policies and rules that the children are required to be taught on how to adhere to.

2. How care givers support quality child care

The care giver support quality child care by having all the attributes that are necessary for any child. For example the care givers are friendly, calm and gentle. They treat each child as a special being and teach them good morals that are helpful to the child. They also update the parents about the child routinely. In general they know what each child in different ages need and provide the needs to the children. They help the

children develop necessary skills in their lives by planning activities that will promote good growth. If for example a child is disturbed by any noise in the environment such as the volume of a radio, the atmosphere is quickly changed and soft music is provided to the child.

3. What I liked best/least about the program

The program aims at providing quality child care and in its performances they have worked hard at meeting this goal. The teachers and care givers have the best techniques that any child will need for them to grow in the right manner. The atmosphere and the environment created by the program is also one of the best that parents will definitely love to see their children grow in. the health and safety issues for all children are also very well looked at though there are some of the requirements necessary such as cribs with mattresses covered in heavy plastic that are not available. However, the program is generally the best design to provide quality care to the children.

4. Some suggestions for improvements

· The quality of child care needs to be improved greatly by having an understandable tool where parents can choose the quality child care for their children.

· The child care providers need also to be given incentives so as to improve their services.

· Discourage any form of fraud that may be in the program by those who are managing it. (Gov Monitor, 2009).

· Have a child care quality measuring tool so as to know whether for real they are offering quality childcare.

· The program should be at a position to add resources so as to improve the child care. (Vandell, D. and Wolfe, B., 2010)

Submitted by: Adrian Nash

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