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Essay on Value of Time

The saying that Time and tide wait for none is so true both in the present and future context. Every event on the planet earth is measured by the parameter called time. Since the advent of life, it is moving forward with no rest and would keep on doing so till eternity. Therefore, the importance of time cannot be understated:

Success: Success in life is very important however it is only possible when you are completing the task on time. An irregular individual will never do justice to his or her professional and personal world. For instance, students who are regular in completing assignments get good grades while the bad ones are late more often than not.

Cannot turn back the clock: Wealth and health if lost can be acquired through hard work and medication but time that is gone would not return. As a young person, we are always advised by the elders to work hard as there is sufficient time to achieve success. In addition, once people grow old they lack the drive to achieve the professional target. Therefore, the effort is directly proportional to time span but once it passes, no matter how hard you try it is not possible to accomplish the goal of life.

Changing with time: If we read history, there are lots of instances when huge empires crumbled because they failed to realize the value of time. Evolution and adaptability are the primary characteristics crucial to the survival of an entity. Emperors who were stuck in their old ways and couldn’t reconcile to the change perished at the altar of power.

Wasting time is a crime: People staying idle are not only detrimental to their own self but also to the society. Sitting without doing anything is a recipe for disaster as an unemployed society could lead to chaos as well as crime. Individuals dreaming of lofty ambitions and not making an effort will remain unhappy in life and may also die early.

Time management: If you are an entrepreneur managing a project, the time management plays a vital role in completing the task according to the requirements of the customers. Delay can lead to the cancellation of the project and loss to the business.
Timely decision making by the management is the difference between success and failure of an organization. If a product is not launched in the market within the available time span, it may lose relevance and also potential users may buy similar ones from the competitors.

Conclusion: People who wile away their times tend to repent later on when other rides the wheel of success and they are left in the dark corner of life cursing the fate. It is vital to plan the activities of the day in advance so that you are not late on your commitments. Individuals, who have become the leaders of tomorrow valued time, dreamt big and made efforts to achieve them. With perseverance and dedication, it is possible for the people to accomplish the pinnacle of greatness.